7 Reasons Email Automation is Essential for Your Business

Email automation is all about efficiency. If you’re looking to consistently connect with all your customers and leads at scale, in a highly personalized manner, with extremely relevant content tailored to each contact, then this is the tool you’re looking for.

Before we go on to explain the reasons why and how automation can enhance your marketing efforts, let us first explain how this strategy works. As the name suggests, automation focuses on sending a series of automated emails to your customers or new leads, spaced out at specific times, with specific triggers and highly personalized content.

For example, if a customer visits your website and submits their email address in return for some information, you could send out an automated “Thank You” message right after that. A few days later, this could be followed up by another email to offer additional resources related to the first. A few weeks later, another email could go out that provides even more relevant content and now pitching related products. Imagine trying to do this at scale for hundreds or even thousands of contacts. It would be very difficult to say the least!

These customized processes can be highly detailed and tailored to your customers or prospects interests and actions. Let’s dive in and examine a few reasons that this method will help you grow.

1) Nurtures Your Leads into Paying Customers
When a new visitor comes to your website that does not yet buy anything from you, but subscribes to your mailing list, what exactly do you do with that information? This is a lead that is interested enough in your company that they took the time to submit their email address to you. So what do you do now?

This is your chance to nurture and transform these contacts into paying customers. By employing an automation strategy, you can gradually introduce your brand and offerings to your subscribers. You can educate them, and keep your business on the top of their minds. By sending relevant messages at a strategic pace, this will help you build a strong rapport with your contacts and eventually, when they’re ready, convert them into paying customers.

2) Your Leads Wont Forget About You
You’re leads are busy. They have other things on their mind aside from your company and products, so there’s a good chance they may forget about your offerings all together as the time goes by. You want to always be on the top of their minds. Through email automation, this will always be the case. Sending out emails at regular intervals is a great strategy to ensure that your leads are always thinking about your brand.

3) List Segmentation for Relevant Messaging
If you want to persuade your contacts to purchase from you, you have to take the time to segment your lists to deliver relevant content. If you operate a sporting goods store and someone expresses interest in soccer balls, why would you send them messages trying to sell them baseball gloves?

With email automation, we can segment contacts by their campaign interaction, interests, social data, activity on your site and much more. You can trigger targeted email campaigns and prompt them to purchase products that are relevant to them specifically.

4) Upsell Products
This is directly related to the list segmentation topic. After a customer places an order, you can automatically transfer them to a post sale list. After they’re on these lists, you can trigger additional automated campaigns with further relevant information and other related products.

Over time you will be able to collect more and more data about each contact and you’ll be better able to upsell them relevant products in the future.

5) You’ll be More Efficient
With limited resources, sending out personalized emails to thousands or tens of thousands of customers is impossible and of course, time consuming. But with email automation, you can send the right email to the right person at the right time without draining your resources or spending long hours doing so.

6) Look Professional and Consistent
Consistent and timely communication truly helps build a strong brand image of the company in the minds of your customers. If your email communication is erratic and inconsistent, it looks unprofessional and your sales will suffer from it.

7) Provides Improved Sales Data
To grow your business, you need to know your customers better and by implementing an email automation strategy, it will position you to begin tracking customer actions and behavior on a deeper level. By recording and implementing this data, you can begin to launch more advanced marketing campaigns which will lead directly into higher sales.

If you’re looking to advance your marketing strategy, more easily convert your leads and develop more engaging relationships with your customers, email marketing automation is the tool you’ve been looking for all along.

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  • Da SALESMAN November 5, 2015   Reply →

    This is so true – auto email has proven to be such a time saver for us and we reach more people than ever.

    • SPX Staff November 5, 2015   Reply →
      SPX Staff

      Absolutely right! It’s a proven time saver. We’re glad automation is working well for you and your business.

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