Start sending fast, strategically targeted leads to your business.

Capture More Leads. Get More Business.


We enable you to increase exposure, capture leads, automate follow up and nurture potential customers. Using a combination of search and social, we can attract and capture leads that are seeking your products and services. You'll just need to close the deals.

How The Process Works

It's simple. The leads come in. You close the deals.


They Find You

  • Prospect searches for your product or service.
  • Targeted prospect views your ad. (Alternative)
  • The prospect clicks on relevant ad.

They Want More Information

  • They arrive on branded landing page.
  • They submit relevant contact information.

You Follow Up & Close Deal

  • You receive the lead contact information.
  • LogisCloud system begins nurture campaign.
  • You then follow up to close the deal.

We'll Follow Them

  • The lead leaves your landing page.
  • Your ads follow them on various websites to bring them back.
  • You recapture lost traffic.


We can attract the customers you want by targeting specific locations or even delivering ads to higher income areas.

Call Tracking

Call-in leads are immediately tracked in your panel. Easily add name and email to deploy email campaigns afterward.

Custom Landing Pages

We custom design the page your lead sees after clicking an ad to properly carry your branding and capture information.

Lead Notifications

Stay on top of new leads coming in with immediate email or text message notifications.

Auto Follow Up

LogisCloud will automatically send scheduled natural follow up messages, spaced out to nurture and inform the lead while you manually follow up.

Ads That Follow

What about people that leave your landing pages without submitting their information? We can recapture them by displaying retargeted ads on various websites they visit to bring them back.

Reporting & Management

All leads are streamed immediately into your LogisCloud panel for easy record keeping and reporting.

Drive Immediate Traffic

As soon as we begin your campaigns, you will start to receive instant traffic to your landing pages.


Capture Leads on the Most Popular Platforms

We can optionally capture leads from a variety of places including Google Ads, Facebook, Bing and more. Start with one or two and expand over time.

Connect with "Sold" Consumers. This is BIG.

Every day people in your market are using Google or other search engines to seek information on the products and services you offer. These are customers that want what you have and are just looking for a particular business to provide them with it.

LogisCloud lead generation and management will enable your business to connect with customers already "sold" on your products or services. You just need to show up, follow up and help them before your competitors do.


Capture Leads from Mobile

48% of consumers begin research for a purchase on a mobile device. That is an enormous amount of traffic that needs to be considered and catered to.

The page your lead views after clicking an ad is optimized for mobile devices so consumers can reach out to you easily and rapidly.