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Google is searched over six billion times every day. It's not just recommended, but essential that your business has a proper Google presence. Potential customers are searching for your products and services every second of the day and the reality is that if they don't see you, they will see and pursue the competitors that are grabbing their attention.

How We Get Leads in Your Hands

It's a simple process. We get you the leads. You close the deals.


They Look for Your Product or Service

  • The prospect searches for your product or service.
  • They then click on a relevant ad.

They Want More Information

  • They arrive on branded landing page.
  • They give you their email, phone or relevant information.

You Follow Up & Close Deal

  • The advertiser (You) receives the lead information
  • You then follow up and close the deal.

How We Make this Work

Behind the scenes is where the action happens. We build a sales lead machine for your business.

Geo-Targeting Delivers the Right Leads

We target based on location which helps us locate consumers in a specific areas or even income brackets.

Conversion & Call Tracking

With optional conversion and call tracking we can monitor inquiries made to your business and adjust strategy based on performance.

Landing Page Development & Design

We will design and develop landing pages that feature specific information to speak to and capture information from your desired customers.

Drive Instant Traffic

As soon as we begin your campaigns, you will start to receive instant traffic to your landing pages.

Strategic Keyword Research

We research current searches, competitor tactics and select keywords that have the greatest potential of bringing you highly targeted traffic. We then strategically adjust budgets to focus on higher performing keywords.

Proper Ad Creation

The quality of your ads are key factors in determining your display position and the type of customer that clicks on your ad. We ensure ads are written correctly for high placement and performance.

Connect with "Sold" Consumers. This is BIG.

Every day people in your market are using Google to seek information on the products and services you offer. These are customers that want what you have and are just looking for a particular business to provide them with it.

Small Business AdWords Management will enable your business to connect with customers already "sold" on your products or services. You just need to show up, let them know you exist and are ready to help them before your competitors do.


Track Forms and Calls for Maximum ROI

Optional form submission and phone call tracking is extremely powerful and will help identify what works and what doesn't. Based on this information, we can refine campaigns to bring you improved results.

Capture Leads from Mobile

48% of consumers begin research for a purchase on a mobile device. That is an enormous amount of traffic that needs to be considered and catered to.

Our AdWords Management packages feature landing pages and forms that are optimized for mobile devices so consumers can reach out to you easily and rapidly.


Immediately Get More Traffic and Leads to your Business Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most commonly asked questions about our AdWords Management services.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a system in the Google Search engine that helps businesses market their products or services. Advertisers can bid on specific keywords in the AdWords Auction for their ads to display in Google’s search results.

Will Google AdWords & PPC work for my business?

With over 6 Billion searches per day, chances are that your potential customers are searching for your products or services right now. AdWords works for businesses large and small, local or international, B2B or consumer. With the flexibility AdWords offers, we can laser target traffic of all kinds and in any location.

Is my budget paid to SPX Studios or Google?

Your Monthly Budget is paid directly to Google. The management fees are paid to us. Upon account setup, we put your credit card on file with Google and they charge based on the results you receive.

What is an AdWords Campaign?

An AdWords campaign is a advertising campaign that contains multiple ad groups. Each ad group contains variations of ads, keywords and settings (geography, device, etc.) that can be customized to display to the customers most likely to be interested in the products and services that you offer.

What kind of budget do we need?

Your budget will be determined by a number of factors including the keywords being used and the type of action you are getting. We will start small, but over time however, you will notice trends and will be able to adjust accordingly.

Are we required to sign a long term contract?

There are absolutely no long term contracts required. You can cancel any time you wish. Just reach out to your account manager by phone or email to cancel.

Request a Call or Email

If you’re interested in our ppc management services for your company, we can reach out to you to answer any questions that you may have.


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