Let's Get Your Systems Talking to Each Other

With SPXbridge, we bridge the gap between your existing shopping system and Sage 100 ERP.


Your Existing Online Store


SPXbridge "Bridges the Gap"


Your Sage 100 ERP

Tight, automated integration. No more manual updates.

Sage 100 is an incredibly important part of your business which holds data that is key to keeping your business going. The exact same thing could be said for your website, so why wouldn't you want both systems talking to each other? Partial or complete integration with SPXbridge saves an incredible amount of time and effort related to order fulfillment and data synchronization. With SPXbridge you have the flexibility to integrate as little or as much as you want which gives you the choice you're looking for.


Key Integration Points

We can leverage SPXbridge to seamlessly integrate your online store with Sage 100 ERP at all the right integration points. SPXbridge will send data back and forth between the two systems including product details, inventory levels, payment and shipping, customer information, sales orders, and more. The information exchanged is securely synchronized between your online store and Sage 100.

Custom Fit Into your System

You've invested an enormous amount of money and time building your company's website. It's systems are deeply ingrained in your organization. Why should you be forced to start over and switch to a "templated" website like other Sage integration firms offer? Our team will work with any shopping cart solution you currently use to custom integrate our SPXbridge to get both systems talking to each other. Because every project is custom fit, you'll get the exact level of integration that's optimal for your business.


Engage and drive sales automatically.

The possibilities are endless with strategic, automated workflows and campaigns.

Real Time Data Transfer

Our system transfers information between your shopping system and Sage 100 at lightening speed.

Works at All Times

If Sage 100 is ever down, SPXbridge holds the data and sends it as soon as it's back up. So there will be no gap in the time orders can be submitted.

Maintain your Structure

We can easily create and maintain complex category and product structures to fit your business uniquely.

Can Handle Anything

Regardless of the amount of information being sent back and forth between the two systems, SPXbridge will always be able to handle it. Whether you have a few orders per day or a few thousand, you're completely covered.

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