7 Tips for Improving Your A/B Testing & Increasing Conversion Rates

“We should use the A/B testing methodology a lot more than we do today.” – Bill Gates

The digital world has become highly competitive. Every business competing online wants to be in the top SERPs and have a high conversion rate. If you’re in the same league, then you’re probably be looking for ways to stay ahead of the pack and sustain your competitive edge. And this is why you should be committed to implementing and improving your A/B testing efforts.

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7 Tips for Delivering a Powerhouse Sales Presentation

Selling is an art; and mastering this art will provide you with more signed contracts. And this is exactly what makes one mediocre sales executive different from a successful sales executive. Practically anyone can make a sales presentation but can everyone close deals? Most certainly not! To deliver a killer sales presentation, understanding what sells is important, in fact, it’s crucial!

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10 Tips to Get the Most from your LinkedIn Company Page

Boasting almost 400 million members worldwide, LinkedIn can be an incredible B2B resource for your company to increase brand awareness, build relationships and connect with decision makers. To make the most of your time on the network, you’re going to want to keep the following points in mind while creating and maintaining a presence.

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What You Should Do With Inbound Leads

Optimizing your inbound leads and sales opportunities is the secret sauce everyone knows about but only a few businesses ever do anything about. Most businesses focus on getting the leads in. Some do follow up with leads but not exhaustively. Others don’t follow up enough. Some businesses also let leads slip through the cracks. Also, leads are only the first step in a typical sales cycle. Leads don’t equate to sales.

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What KPI’s Are Your Sales Team Keeping Track Of?

If you wish to see dramatic improvements in your sales, you have to keep a precise pulse on where your team is at to encourage strengths and improve weak areas. Proper KPI (Key performance Indicator) tracking is a good way to measure progress and provide insight into the performance of your team members.

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Do You Qualify Your Sales Prospects? You Should.

Not qualifying your prospects is only worse than not making a list of exactly who you should be calling, not hustling enough to reach out to your prospects, not following up enough, and not doing your due diligence.

Qualifying your prospects helps you weed out low quality leads, false triggers, and unprofitable customers from your sales efforts. It also helps you manage your pipeline better and get more sales, since you’d now have plenty of time left to focus on the prospects that really matter.

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Have a Sales Problem? You Probably Don’t Follow Up Enough.

Consider this: Your friend refers another to your business. You get the call and you have a brief chat. However, this prospect is traveling abroad and isn’t likely to get back in town until the next month. What are your chances of following up with this prospect? 
Would you call her next month? Do you have a system in place to make sure you don’t miss a single follow up, no matter how many follow ups you’d have to make in addition to new calls each day?

The other day, I made a few calls, separately to random parties: I made a call to a financial planner to discuss opportunities for me to invest in various products.

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